Bank On Yourself

The bank on yourself revolution
If you’ve been doing what you’ve always been told are all the right things when it comes to your money, but are always disappointed with the results, READ THIS!

Bank On Yourself™ is a time-tested financial strategy that helps you take back control of your financial future from Wall Street and the banks and put that control where it belongs—with you!

The Bank On Yourself strategy uses an asset you’re almost certainly familiar with—dividend-paying whole life insurance—but with one very important difference. Bank On Yourself uses a “super-charged” version of this asset that has increased in value for more than 160 years, even during market crashes and economic downturns.

Using Bank On Yourself, you can safely grow and safeguard the money you’ve worked so hard to earn and look forward to a secure retirement with the funds you need to continue enjoying your current lifestyle.

Unlike traditional whole life policies where you have to die to “win,” the kind of whole life insurance used in Bank On Yourself lets you reap the rewards while you’re alive. Structured properly, this kind of life insurance is one of the safest and flexible financial instrument I’ve found—and it provides guaranteed growth!

Bank On Yourself will work for you—even if you pay cash for everything! When pay cash, you forfeit the interest that money could have earned for you. With a Bank On Yourself policy, you can borrow on the policy to pay cash for necessities or luxuries, while still realizing growth on the policy’s cash value!

While most financial advisors don’t understand the features that make Bank On Yourself such a powerful investment tool, Alan H. Blecker does. He can help you use Bank On Yourself to achieve your financial goals—safely and securely.

Let Alan H. Blecker show you how Bank On Yourself can help you take back control of your money and:

  • Stop giving interest to the banks, credit card companies and finance companies and reclaim it.
  • Use that reclaimed money to create personal wealth and tax-free income.
  • See your money increase year after year, regardless of the state of the economy.

Listen to a free audio interview with President of Bank On Yourself’s Pamela Yellen:


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