Bank On Yourself is all about being prepared for market crashes and being ready to take advantage of the opportunities created by the market crashes.

Bank On Yourself and I believe there is more opportunity in helping you avoid losses than to try and pick winners.

Are your current advisers helping you avoid unnecessary losses or only trying to help you pick the best places to put your money with the highest potential returns ?

There are only two ways to help someone financially-
A) find better products which  potentially pay higher returns, often requiring increased risk
B) help you become more efficient by avoiding or minimizing losses.

One of the ways The Bank On Yourself Concept will help you avoid and/or minimize your losses is by helping you  get ready for the coming crash! The concept may help you identify a coming crash and show you how to benefit !

Nobody  wants a crash ! Crashes are always detrimental to the poor and the uneducated! Nobody can prevent a crash!! Crash’s occur because governments prop up markets. Crashes come from events beyond any one person’s control.

Your response to the coming crash, including your preparation for it, will in large part determine your financial future for years to come.  It’s your choice!!!

Will you prepare yourself with the financial education available to you from me and Bank  On Yourself?

Will you be ready to take the actions required to profit from the coming crash?

Will you be safe from the effects of the coming crash ?

Most people will be devastated by the coming crash! A few will become multi-millionaires. Which will you be ?

If Someone or something can take what you have away, it is not really yours!

How can the full utilization of The Bank On Yourself Concept and the implementation of Your Very Own Successful Bank On Yourself Life-Long Cash – Flow Money Management Savings, Acquisitions and Protections System help you prepare from the coming crash???

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