Sometimes even BANK ON YOURSELF clients call their life Insurance policy an “Investment.” They know it’s not REALLY an INVESTMENT, but it’s an easy mistake to make.

Because of its guarantees and predictability, it’s so much more than any investment could possibly be, which is why, when mentioning BANK ON YOURSELF to your friends or family, it’s wise to call it a “SAVING STRATEGY “ or a safe wealth-building method.

You’ll be better able to explain it better if the person you’re talking to doesn’t think they can compare what YOUR DOING, apples-to-apples , with what THEY’RE doing. Are you INVESTING when you should be SAVING ??


Are you investing when you should be saving?


What would happen if your savings got wiped out in a market crash? Is your savings and your retirement nest egg something you cannot to lose?


“But, INVESTING means risking your money. You hope to make a gain, but the fact is, you might lose everything.? That’s why you don’t only want to invest for retirement. You may also want to save for retirement. Plus why would you want to put your retirement money in retirement jail and not have access to your money during your life?

Saving means placing your money in a vehicle or financial instrument that is guaranteed, safe and secure and has guaranteed growth, so that you can be certain your money will be there when you need it and want it.

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Do you have a current Bank On Yourself plan? Are you still investing when you should be saving? Remember, Bank On Yourself gives you guarantees, liquidity, safely and securely and competitive growth and tax advantages. Let’s talk about ways you can MAXIMIZE your current plan for your benefit and for the benefit of your family. Contact me today at 914-413-1793 or