When you put your money into a 401(k) or IRA for your retirement, are you saving or investing?


Is there a difference between saving money and investing money? You can bet your bottom dollar there is!


Are you investing when you should be saving ?

Would you like to know the differences between saving and investing?


Think of the money that you are saving for something in your future that will require money. How big a deal would it be if it got wiped out in a market crash? Would it be a huge deal? I agree !!!


Is your retirement nest egg something that you cannot afford to lose ?


But by definition, INVESTING means putting money into a financial vehicle or an asset that has RISK. You HOPE you make a gain, but the fact is, you might lose everything.

Don’t merely INVEST for retirement or the acquisition of something important in your future!!! Save for retirement or to buy or acquire something you want during your journey through life. Savings means placing money you can’t afford to lose in a vehicle or financial instrument that is safe, secure and has guaranteed growth. This was you can be certain YOUR MONEY will be there when you need it or want it.

Most people INVEST the retirement money that they can’t afford to lose because they don’t know another way. With its guarantees, liquify, safety and security and competitive growth, BANK ON YOURSELF IS THAT BETTER WAY. To learn more, with absolutely no obligation or commitment, contact me today at 914-413-1793 or Alan@AlanBleckerCPA.com.