Disability Risk Mitigation Services

What will happen if you become disabled? You won’t like the answer if you’re not prepared!

Becoming unable to work because of illness or injury is a risk everyone faces. If you and your loved ones depend on your income, facing temporary or permanent disability is a frightening scenario that could put your family’s future at risk. But there are strategies that can help you protect your income, meet your financial obligations, and maintain your lifestyle should you become disabled. Acting now to put those strategies in place can help you and your family breathe a little easier. Professional risk manager Alan H. Blecker, CPA, CLU, ChFC, CLTC, can help.

Evaluating Your Risk

The first step in minimizing your exposure to disability risk is evaluating—as specifically as possible—the financial impact and other repercussions your becoming disabled would have on you and your family. Alan will work with you to determine who depends on your income and to what extent and identify any risks associated with your job or profession.

Identifying Goals

Alan H. Blecker will work with you to identify your goals for a disability plan. For instance, should you become disabled, do you and your family have access to other sources of income or is your goal to replace your income as fully as possible?

Choosing the Right Plan

Once your goals are clarified, Alan H. Blecker will work with you to evaluate how any current disability plans you have are meeting those goals. If your existing plans fall short, he will guide you to alternative plans that more closely align with your objectives. These might include private plans or coverage available through your employer.

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