Safeguarding Your Family During Your Life and After Your Death

Do you have the right plan in place to protect your loved ones? If not, you’re putting their wellbeing at risk.

Life offers very few guarantees but the fact that life ends one day is one of them. What impact will your death have on your loved ones? Will your surviving members be able to meet their financial obligations and maintain their lifestyle without your income?

Having a solid estate plan and the right kind and amount of life insurance can help you safeguard your family’s future when you die. Professional risk manager Alan H. Blecker, CPA, CLU, ChFC, CLTC, can help ensure you have the right solutions in place to secure your family’s future at every stage.

For instance, when it comes to life insurance, one size does not fit all. Should you choose term insurance? Whole life? Alan H. Blecker will guide you to the plan that’s right for you by considering your stage of life, the age and number of your dependents, your lifestyle and many other factors. He will work with you to evaluate your current situation and determine your future goals. He will then use those insights to determine if your current policy/policies meet your objectives. If they do not, he will use his expertise to find the best plans for you.

He can also help you deal with other contingencies, such as establishing a secure place for your financial asset information and other important documents (either physical or digital) and letting key family members and appropriate financial advisors know how to access that information upon your death.

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