Are you looking for advice online ?


Check your sources very carefully. You may see sponsored ads offering free webinars on most any topic that you may have an interest in. If you take one of the free webinars, it will likely lead you to a sales pitch for a costly service offered by the so called expert entrepreneur, coach, or consultant. There are legit experts out there. The problem, for you is that anyone can set up an online advice business, and it’s not easy to tell the real business experts from the hucksters.


It’s unbelievable how much trash there is out there on the Internet. There are so many people who are not for real.

Please be aware of the following:

1- Don’t believe hype

2- Be wary of formulas

3- Always question their claims

4- Be wary of exaggerated claims

5- Stay on guard for high pressure selling

6- Do your research before you commit to a program