Do you get excited when you look at your Balance Sheet (these are your assets minus your liabilities and your Net Worth)?

Do you get excited about the current value of Home and realize how much it has increased?

Do you feel a knot in your stomach when you see a loss ?

Do you understand the difference between PAPER wealth and REAL wealth ?

You can’t eat a number of paper !!!

Paper wealth is iffy wealth. This is what something would be worth if you sold it today. You don’t actually lock in a profit or loss until you sell an asset. Until then it is just a number on a piece of paper. Until then, it’s just s number on a piece of paper. And you can’t eat that!!!

You have absolutely NO idea of what a traditional retirement account will be worth when you plan to tap into it.

You won’t know until you sell the assets in your retirement plan. Will that be too late? For too many people, sadly, it will absolutely be too late!! Will this be you? Are you destined for a major disappointment?

With the Bank On Yourself Concept working for you, you can know the bottom line guaranteed amount you’ll have in your plan at every point along the way – even before you start your plan. It’s REAL wealth that doesn’t disappear when the market crashes.

To find out what your numbers are and the results that could be added if you added a Bank On Yourself STRATEGY to your current plan, contact me for a free analysis, at 914-413-1793 or