What Intel as done for microprocessors, The Successful Bank On Yourself Life-Long Cash Flow Money Management Savings and Acquisitions System will do for your personal and family finances. Your System will combine your income and your expenses and your assets and your liabilities. It will combine your taxes, banking, protection, savings, lending, legacy, leverage, retirement, lifestyle, compounding, inflation, demographics, passive income, residence, major purchase, time freedom and money freedom, education, knowledge, wisdom, thinking, a process, etc. Let’s talk and in one phone call with me, you will be on board with us AND ON YOUR WAY TO CHANGING THE WAY YOU THINK ABOUT MONEY.

It is my opinion that in order to improve our lives I believe it is necessary to enlist a new thought process. The Ten Defining Moments is a simple yet effective thought process that was designed to help you analyze your current situation and help you create more options and more opportunities in your life. Please email me at  or text me at 914-413-1793 for your own copy of the book by Len A. Renier,  titled “The Defining Moments”, Learning How Money works, Surviving Financial Myths, and The Battle For Your Future. Many people are finding it difficult to get ahead in today’s financial world. I would like to share with you why I feel “getting ahead” and meeting life’s financial goals remain elusive to many. The reality is that right from the beginning; the deck is stacked against you. You have to take a much deeper look at why this is such an elusive challenge.

I am proud to introduce you and the world to the future of Savings and Acquisitions. The revolutionary Successful Bank On Yourself Life-Long Cash Flow Money Management Savings and Acquisitions System.

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Alan H. Blecker, CPA

I am your personal Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor